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Case Study



Caledonia Housing Association

A trustworthy ten-year solution for social housing


Our client


Caledonia Housing Association, along with its Group partners own and manage over 5,500 homes across Scotland. The Association provides family and individual homes along with sheltered and supported accommodation.


Our client’s challenges


  • Caledonia Housing Association has to ensure the safety of the electrical system in each of its properties. That requires a rolling programme of inspection, testing and maintenance, with each property being visited either every five years, or for specialist accommodation, such as sheltered housing, every three years.


  • Many of their tenants have vulnerabilities, so the Association needs to have absolute trust in the tradespeople they work with.


Our solution


  • We worked with Caledonia Housing Association to agree a ten-year programme of electrical testing and maintenance which involves our teams visiting up to 1,000 homes each year.


  • To ensure tenants feel comfortable allowing our tradespeople into their homes, our team members are uniformed, carry ID cards and work to a detailed code of conduct, including strict COVID-19 precautions. They work neatly and quickly to minimise disruption to tenants’ lives.


  • Minor maintenance activities are pre-approved by the Housing Association to reduce the need to return at a later date to complete work.


  • We have a transparent pricing system to allow full visibility of all costs, helping create a trusting relationship between Summit and the Association.

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